Theme: "Blessed are you..."

Matthew 5:1-12

In light of the PCNE I experience, the Year of the Laity (2014) and the Year of the Poor (2015), and the Apostolic Visit of the Holy Father, Pope Francis, to the Philippines, the following objectives are offered for the Second Philippine Conference on New Evangelization (PCNE II):

  • to help the participants understand the true meaning of blessedness as modelled by Jesus (Encounter with Jesus)
  • to explore avenues and pathways that lead to a blessed life (Experience of Church)
  • to offer opportunities for individual and communal living out of the beatitudes (Witnessing to Blessedness)

With Mary, the Mother and Star of New Evangelization, we entrust to the Lord the Second Philippine Conference on New Evangelization (PCNE II) as we continue to discover the paths that lead to the authentic and eternal happiness of the Kingdom of heaven.

Introduction Phases


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